Hello from my far, little corner of the world.  I’m just a girl in my late 30’s, trying to hold together this thing called life.

I am mom to a funny, fantastic and loveable almost teenage daughter.  Wife to a husband 21 years my senior, some things are better aged, haha!  I’ve been in retail since I was 16 years old, most of those years in a farm & feed store.  Selling baby chickens is one of my favorite things in the world.

We live with 25 Mama Cows, 2 Mules, 3 Horses, 1 Dog and 3 Cats.

I grow food, cook food, eat food and am the proud owner of a bone fide pea sheller.

This is me.

Please join me on this fun, fantastic and fabulous journey thru the country!me in a hat

Also, if you ever want or need to use my pictures just please ask and give proper credit.  Thank you so very much!

Need to contact me for anything?   Just shoot over an email to rachelvickers26@yahoo.com


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh my goodness! I love you already!
    Chickens, kids, hubs, animals, orchards and a garden?!!? I’m a hooked country girl, too.
    Right now, I’m in the middle of convincing the hubs to help me build a greenhouse/chicken coop combo. So far, it’s a “no”…but, if remove the cell phones from the bedroom like you suggested on my site, perhaps that will lend itself to a more persuasive conversation 😉

    Thank you so much for wandering over to my site…it led me right here to you!

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  2. Hi W. Chicken,

    I’m new here to the blogging world and I’m trying to find blogs to follow so I’m stalking bloggers I love to see who follows them!

    I found you stalking MamaMick’s blog!

    I look forward to connecting and getting your post in my reader!!

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  3. When I figure out how to make one I will (website that is). I live in Maydelle on 18 acres that was my Grandparents place. They bought it in 1964 for 100.00 an acre but at that time had 28 acres. We were the only grandchildren so it was willed to us. My husband & I bought out the other siblings & their wish was to keep it in the family so that our Great Grandchildren could enjoy it just like we did with our kids. Being a city girl I never wanted to live in the country. Since moving here 12 yrs ago I hate having to even go to Houston or Dallas to just visit. The blessings of getting to cook with her pots & pans & spending time with our children & grandchildren making smores, homemade ice cream & tractor rides is a vision they had. We enjoy watching the deer & squirrels playing in the back. One of the most treasured sites is seeing the Does bring their fawns out to feed in the spring. Nice to meet the bloggers.

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  4. Hi Rachel from Australia, what a lovely blog you have. And I feel like I resonate with you. We also have a menagerie of animals so I can relate. Look forward to reading more of your posts.


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