Wicked Walk 5/13/2015

Piglet, Winnie-The-Pooh’s best friend, paddles furiously to a tune that goes something like this “And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down and Piglet started bailing!  He was unaware while a’top his chair while bailing he was sailing….” as poor Piglet floats right out of his house, out of his yard and is carried away by a flood.  I know how Piglet felt.  It has been raining since Christmas.  My weather alert beeps daily reminding me the river is flooded.  The creeks are flooded.  The ponds are flooded.  The lakes are flooded.  You get the idea.  So I waited all day for the rain to stop so I could walk.  It didn’t so I sat on the barn porch taking pictures from a padded chair, cheating I know but I had no choice.

Here is what I saw.  From the porch.

walk horse3 of our 6 horses, grazing in the rain.

IMG_6298A mad, wet Mockingbird (State Bird of Texas for those who want to know).  He was also in the rain.

walk birdI know this is NOT the best picture but his expression was so priceless I had to include it!

walk bird fenceNosey seem unaffected by the weather.  Come to think of it Nosey seems pretty much unaffected by most things.

walk noseyI love birds, I’m so glad God gave us so many different kinds!

 The rain did slack off a few minutes and I wandered over to the orchard and saw a super awesome purple mushroom, a rabbit, a caterpillar and some fruit.

walk mushroomwalk worm

Thanks for sitting AND walking a short distance with me today! Have a good week y’all!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 5/13/2015

  1. We went directly from wet to extreme dry in the past few weeks! My beans & corn yell at me each day for moisture! Oh well! Too much or too little! I love the disgusted Mockingbird! I don’t like wet feathers either little fella! Keep your powder dry out there ya’ll!


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