Keto Breakfast On-The-Go!

I told y’all last week about these great crepes I found, made with almond flour that were Keto friendly. I made them again on Sunday and have been munching out ever since.

Because I am always running late for work, I needed to slap together something for breakfast fast, quick and in a hurry. I cracked a couple of eggs in my electric skillet, threw a slice of ham down beside them and heated up a couple of those crepes. Flip the eggs, flip the ham, flip the crepes, stack, add a slice of cheese….BAM.

Breakfast sandwich on the fly! So delicious. I paused long enough to snap a photo before wolfing it down on my commute. You could get so creative with this one. Sausage, bacon, all types of cheeses, caramelized onions, mushrooms (if you’re into mushrooms at breakfast). And eggs, obviously.

Meal prep is vital in my low-carb life, and makes throwing together quick, delicious options easy. And I need quick. And easy. And delicious. I also keep these little cheesecakes in my freezer for a guilt-free snack while binging on The Great British Baking Show. It’s my favorite show.

So whip out some of these crepes (here is the recipe), and be ready to make your own breakfast on the go!

p.s. The recipe says it makes 8 crepes and they have 3.04 carbs with 1.16 grams of fiber per serving. I make them smaller so I ended up with 14 crepes from the same recipe. Therefore I figured mine only have roughly 1.73 carbs each. In case you were wondering.

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