Lady Bird

Hi there pretty little lady, regal Mrs. Hummingbird.  I’m glad you’ve come to stay the summer with us. Happy Monday and Happy June 1st y’all!

Rose Bug

A rose bug.  Not to be confused with a rose bud of which I have few.  Rose bugs however I have in abundance.  Go figure. Oh well, they are pretty no matter what!

Warning! Creepy Spider Pictures!

So while I was cleaning out the flowers beds (I use the term ‘flower beds’ very loosely by the way) I ran across some completely cool creepy crawlies.  And they told me they wanted to be photographed while having their cozy homes disrupted and the universe as they know it, destroyed.  Who am I to…

Wishful Thinking

I have a vision for my flower beds. In my mind they look like this…….. Organized chaos of color bordered by weed-free mulch, nestled around my home like a quilt of yellow, purple, orange, red, pink and green.  When in reality (since I work full-time, home-school, blog, sell books, have chickens, go to church and…

Good Advice on Monday

My little sister has a good sense of humor.  She bought me this a few years back for my birthday.  It was good advice then and it is good advice now.  Because you never know about those fairies lurking in the flower garden. Besides it makes me laugh.  🙂

Leftover Pizza

Now I’m not talking about leftover-from-the-previous-meal pizza, no indeed!  I’m talking about I’ve been canning and preserving like crazy and had a small mountain of leftover peppers, peaches and assorted other vegetables staring menacingly at me from the countertop.  And we needed some supper.  So instead of just staring back at them I took action! …