Leftover Pizza

Now I’m not talking about leftover-from-the-previous-meal pizza, no indeed!  I’m talking about I’ve been canning and preserving like crazy and had a small mountain of leftover peppers, peaches and assorted other vegetables staring menacingly at me from the countertop.  And we needed some supper.  So instead of just staring back at them I took action!  I made a pizza crust and set it in the shop to rise because the shop is the warmest place the cat can’t access.  Then I took some leftover bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, poblano peppers and garlic chopped them and sautéed them in a bit of olive oil.  When the crust was ready I wanted to smear on some pesto only to discover with dismay I was out.  So I continued, what choice did I have?  I added some shredded chicken, then tiny tomatoes cut in half.  I then peeled and sliced 2 large peaches and threw them on top.  My husband was eyeballing me a bit sideways when I started throwing peaches onto his pizza but held back from any snide remarks.  He knows my feelings are easily injured, especially when it comes to my cooking!  Then I added the peppers and some Italian seasoning, just for the heck of it.

pizzaPopped that baby in the oven at 500 for 10 minutes…..

Then on went the cheese! Thank God I wasn’t out of cheese….
I always wait until my pizza is almost done before adding the cheese because I like recently melted non-brown cheese. So I wait.

Let it cool a few minutes, slice and consume with gusto!

After those first few moments spent chewing in silence my husband says. “Wow, peaches on pizza is pretty good”.

Yes, I know darling.  Thank you.

My point is this, don’t give up on odd leftovers lying about!  Make a pizza crust and experiment!  Recipes can be over-rated, just toss on some toppings and see where it leads!

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