Warning! Creepy Spider Pictures!

So while I was cleaning out the flowers beds (I use the term ‘flower beds’ very loosely by the way) I ran across some completely cool creepy crawlies.  And they told me they wanted to be photographed while having their cozy homes disrupted and the universe as they know it, destroyed.  Who am I to deny such a request!?  Those pleading faces, I couldn’t say no!


Check out ALL THOSE BABIES!  Holy Smokes!  Her rear is crawling, literally, with her tiny off-spring.  And those giant hairy legs…..and those fangs…..and that super large, fuzzy striped head……..


On second thought, I think maybe she was kinda mad.  Those multiple eye-balls can be hard to read…..

Maybe it was THIS one who was wanting all the attention.


Naw, no one wants a picture taken with a bulging egg-sac hanging off their backside.  Not the most attractive look.

The fuzzy caterpillar however, destined to be a rock star!


A total camera hound.

Then I happened up on this guy…..


Never seen one like this before.  I love how his eyes go from large to small in a ‘v’ on his blackish, evil little face.  Totally awesome.


Are these not adorable?

I really like mushrooms better than spiders and fuzzies but they were all too cool not to share.

Have a great day everyone!


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