Movie Night

I’ll not bother writing about why we ‘pulled the plug’ on cable over 5 years ago.  There have been PLENTY of talk shows, radio shows, books and blogs on that very subject.  And we all know the basic message.  I’ll just say that while it took me a few months to convince my husband we would be better off without it, he has stated, on more than one occasion, that he doesn’t miss it in the least and is glad it is gone.  I honestly don’t even know how we had time to watch it before.

As a result, in the evenings when Addie grabs my hand and says “Mama, let’s go to the barn and give the chickens some scratch!” I’m so thankful.  Because I know if we did have 200 plus channels and SpongeBob available 24-7 my darling daughter of six probably wouldn’t be so excited to sit in a lawn chair beside her mother each afternoon watching 30-something chickens peck the ground.  We watch the hens and laugh at the roosters all the while discussing the days events, plans for the next day and what to fix for supper.  I cherish our evenings together.

So when we DO watch our lovely flat-screen entertainment device, it is generally an event.  Namely “Movie Night’.  Movie Night involves popcorn, throw blankets and the occasional bowl of ice cream.  It also involves guests.  Guests vary from time to time but here we have a decent sampling.  From left to right ~ Mr. Elk, Baby Sheep, Addie, Christmas Horse and Dog-with-the-Rabbit-Ears.  Hoppy, the wooden horse, has a from row seat and serves double-duty as a refreshment table.

addieMy ‘spot’ is on the sofa to the left.  Addie and her comrades usually end up there with me by the time the credits roll.  I cherish these times to, because when tv isn’t available ALL the time and movies aren’t watched EVERY night, it becomes something a bit more special.  A treat and a time we can look forward to spending together.

  I love Movie Night.

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