Black and White

Edit _ I just found this post I never published from 2015.  It made me miss my chickens.  A LOT.  I don’t miss the 5:00 a.m. crowing.  I don’t miss late night bumblefoot operations.  I don’t miss giant chicken snakes (or small chicken snakes for that matter).  I don’t miss chicken poop.  I don’t miss panic attacks whenever I saw a stray dog, soaring hawk or prowling bobcat.  I don’t miss nasty chicken waterers.  I don’t miss unexpected funerals.  Raccoon attacks.  Rooster fights.

Nope, none of that.  I can live without all that stress.

But I DO miss their little chicken feet running and scratching and hunting for bugs.  I miss the colorful eggs, and finding them in unexpected places, like my rocking chair.  I miss babies in the spring.  I miss plopping down in the grass after a long day working in town, and just watching them do their chicken ‘thang’.  I miss that terribly.

Anyway.  Here the post, and a couple of my pretty girls.

July 2015 – Normally my chickens tend to run with their own creed and color combo.  Yet, recently, these two hit it off with one another and decided to explore a bit.

chickenMiss White Ameracauna and Miss Black Australorp.

chickenThey shook,


chickenand hung out.  Until Randy called.  And when the head rooster calls…….

chickenYou can’t get there fast enough!

chickenLove you girls, chill out!  Randy will be there, no matter what!

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