Head Chicken

So my darling child had her first piano recital this weekend and was all dressed up, first thing she did upon arriving home was take off to the chicken pen.  I wanted to check on the little ones who had only been with the big chickens a few days and this is what I find…….


I guess this small pullet liked Addie’s head better than the company of the flock…..

And I thought I was the only one they liked to stand on top of!


I have no idea how long this went on and amazingly there were no chicken ‘presents’ to be dealt with on the piano recital outfit.


To all those moms who stress out over germs, worms, outdoors and icky things in general I present to you this, my sweet, healthy, funny child who can go from the piano bench to the chicken roost without missing a beat.  I love ya’ Addie, even with a chicken on your head.

2 thoughts on “Head Chicken

  1. oh this really made me smile:) and this really symbolises life in the country, where we have chickens on our head one moment and go to piano recitals the next:)


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