Lone Nut


Ever feel like you are the lone nut on the crazy path of life?


I guess it’s just me.  I’m totally okay with being the lone nut.

Until a squirrel comes along.

Then again, it’s Monday and we are all nuts.

Have a great week fellow nuts!


(and I am calling you all nuts in a totally friendly, ‘we are all in this thing together’ kind of way.  Not ‘you need to be in the nut house that’s 15 miles from my house’ kinda way.  But if you ARE that’s okay too.  We can still be friends.  Just don’t hitch hike, ’cause the sign says I can’t pick you up.)

9 thoughts on “Lone Nut

  1. Funny you should mention this… so often, I feel like the lone nut. Then I realize all my best friends are nuts too. Most of us nuts like a crowd, actually, if we’re in good company. Mixed nuts are the best!


    • Indeed, all my friends are bona fide nuts but I love them! However, crowds make me rather ill. I went to a local festival last weekend and got so overwhelmed at the sheer crowd of people I had to go home, like RIGHT NOW. My poor husband just wanted to eat his funnel cake in peace but I had to GO. It’s funny how when you get used to your space and being alone a lot….I just can’t take crowds anymore. At least not very well! You know it is bad when I won’t stop for a funnel cake! 🙂

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