Wicked Walk 10/1/2014

While the first week of fall was gloriously cool, the second week climbed back into the upper 90’s.  Running out of time to walk in the morning hours I headed out to our ‘back forty’ about 5 in the afternoon.  And while it was hot and I was plagued by mosquito’s it was still nice to get outside.

Here is what I saw.

walk tree

I lived here about 4 years before I realized I had a pecan tree.  Not that ‘a’ pecan tree does me much good but still…..

This bug totally photo-bombed my shot.

walk persissiom

The persimmon’s are almost done….

walk pasture

There were an abundance of white, fluffy clouds on October 1st, 2014.

wakl feather

Smallest feather.

walk leaf

The glory days of this Sweet Gum leaf are quickly fading.

walk pine cone

There has been a very busy squirrel nearby……..

walk leaf

Another photo-bombing bug……..

walk nut

As I took this picture I heard some shuffling overhead and looked up just in time to see a squirrel leap from one nut tree into another, a distance of several feet.  Pretty impressive!

walk nut

As you can see here, our squirrels are very well fed.  If the world starts to come to an end, we can live on those little buggers!

walk nut

I tried to eat a squirrel once, I boiled him for about 6 hours and he was still tough, stringy and rather horrid.  I really hope the world doesn’t come to an end and we are forced to eat them, it won’t be pleasant.

I think I’ll just fight them for the nuts instead.

walk leaf

Magic Leaf.

walk crow

The crows were having a meeting.  Probably to devise a plan that will land them the bountiful nut crop, they better hurry.  Those rodents are going thru them at a record pace.

walk trestle

The trestle.  One of our farms coolest features.

walk tree

I love fall.

walk barn

Walking back toward the house I could see the horses kicking up dust around the barn, it is their “I am ready for my evening meal right now pretty please” dance.

walk fruit

I grabbed a persimmon, probably the last one I’ll eat this year.  How time flies!

Thanks for walking with me today!

4 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 10/1/2014

  1. I want to come and get those persimmons!!! They would make a lovely jam. Glad I am not the only one to have eaten a squirrel….In other notes, Zoe went into the woods yesterday and brought up some hickory nuts. I have never tasted one before, but man they are GOOD. Almost have a banana bread taste. Guess what we’re doing today?


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