Wicked Walk 11/5/2014

Rain is very important.  That is why I am glad we got rain on Wednesday November 5th.  A LOT of rain.  Matter of fact it began raining Tuesday evening around 5:00 and hasn’t stopped in 23 hours.  I was going to go deer hunting today.  I was going to walk for at least a couple of hours today.  I ended up doing 5 loads of laundry, helping the mail lady get out of the ditch and making a scarecrow in the barn.  In-between the torrential down-pours I darted out to grab a few shots to share with you.

Here is what I saw.

walk me

I saw myself and when I did I thought I look like M and M (the white rapper dude whose name I’ve NO idea how to spell).  Or maybe I look like I just broke out of jail.  OR maybe that is the same thing!  Anyway, I got Addie to take my picture, looking all Maydelle gangster with no make-up and my husbands hunting clothes on.  “Hi”

walk chicken

The next thing I saw was my very wet black silkie.

walk mushroom

When I spied this I thought someone had sprayed foam insulation on my box elder tree……Nope.  A crazy weird mushroom.

walk mushroom

Odd, huh?  This tree also sported the following about 8 feet high…..

walk mushroom

And this tree isn’t even dead, normally things such as this are growing on dead trees.

Maybe it is about to die?

walk flower

The Lantana I transplanted in front of the chicken pen decided to FINALLY bloom.  In November.

walk berries


walk nut

Not sure if this is a berry or a nut but I thought it was attractive.

wakl fungi

Jelly Fungi.  I’m sure this has a proper name but I’ve called it ‘jelly fungi’ since I was like 5 and jelly fungi it shall remain.

walk rain

If I were a bird I think I’d want to eat this.

walk mushroom

A huge clump of mushrooms in danger of drowning because of this…..

walk rain

We have a pond every time it rains more than 2 inches in 24 hours.

walk rain

Me and my legs in said pond.

walk fungi

More fungi.

walk spider

A spider trying to avoid a boat ride.

walk mushroom

Hello Centipede.

walk fungi

The colors of nature never cease to amaze me, God is a brilliant artist.

walk fungi

This was on a dead stump.

walk mushroom

And this on a downed log.

This is an old pine limb, beginning to rot.

walk woodwalk mushroom

And this is a mushroom, growing out the side of a very old hay bale in the woods.

walk train

The train came by while I was out…….

walk leaf

The season shall soon reveal only bare limbs but until that time let’s enjoy the splendor!

walk flower

A vine growing on the fence, it attracted a lot of butterflies a few months ago but now is preparing for the winter months.

Until next week…

Thanks for joining me today!

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