Wicked Walk 11/12/2014

After a month of traveling, illness and rain I finally got to walk in some really beautiful weather.  The arctic blast blown down south, courtesy of Alaska, had recently arrived dropping the daytime temp to about 45 degrees but the sun was still shining AND I had my sister with me again for company.

Here is what we saw.


Rapidly fading Golden Rod.


A flower, completely spent yet still beautiful.


 My incredibly cute sister who helped me spy the following…

Then we came across one of my favorite things in nature……


An oak leaf fuzzy!  When I was little I collected hundreds of these things.


I also saw a pretty mushroom and a poof ball.

I love poof balls.


The forest, I never tire of being here.


The nut trees are sporting a bountiful crop….and the woodland creatures rejoiced.

I think Rita looks exactly like a Who from Whoville. I like Who’s from Whoville.

Only I’ve never seen a Who in red flannel plaid.


Crazy fast beetle crossing the path.

And that is all folks, thanks for walking with us today!


3 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 11/12/2014

  1. Beautiful pictures, darling girl! I always appreciate how you find such beauty in what may be deemed ordinary. It just goes to show that if we look hard enough, if we close our mouths and open our eyes long enough, we can see beauty absolutely anywhere. And that spent flower? As a menopausal lady, I have to say I can relate. It is my absolute favourite!! xx Mother Hen


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