Rachel ~ Week One

Since I introduced y’all to Rachel the calf last week she has experienced drama, love and fine cuisine as well as making several friends.  A well-rounded first week of life if you ask me.  Addie, Gus, Rob and I were her first friends.  Then the chickens joined in the fun.  Unfortunately our dog, Nosey, did not share our sentiments and tried to bite, chase and worry poor Rachel to death. This, I could not stand and made Addie official “Rachel Keeper” while I found a solution.

The solution was the horse trailer.  She is now calling it home sweet home.  She hangs out in her space with her bucket and hay bed while we are gone then is lured into the sunshine with a bottle of milk and sweet talk.  After a snack, she is always ready to play!

And after several severe scoldings I am happy to report Nosey has accepted her as part of the family.  Sadly, another member of our family, prone to colic a bit, had a tummy ache.  Rachel was VERY interested in the going’s-on…….

calfcalfObvioulsy, Max was not thrilled with an audiance.

Family can be so darn complicated!

She is the only one in the family with the ability to lick inside her nose with her tongue though.

calf???????????????????????????????Talented!  I say she is a keeper!


6 thoughts on “Rachel ~ Week One

  1. Yeah, the last picture of Rachel is my favorite! She’s a beauty plus I love the rear axle that looks as if it is a fence corner post! Nice way to recycle!


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