Meet Rachel…….

So I kinda have a ‘thing’ for baby cows.  The problem is most of the time we get baby calves to borrow (for my husband and step-son to rope) and when they get too big we must return them.  Then came Rachel.  Rachel arrived on a cold, rainy afternoon last week, confined in the toolbox because she was to feisty to stay in the cab or bed.  Rachel’s mom prolapsed 3 times and even with great care, isn’t going to make it.  So I get a phone call from my husband who wants to know where the calf bottle is.  After much seeking we ending up plopping down 4.00 for another one plus 40 bucks for a bag of milk.  And he and Gus go pick up Rachel from our friend who didn’t want to fool with a bottle baby.

Rachel is black, tiny and completely perfect.  Which is funny my husband named her Rachel.  That is my name and I am neither black, tiny nor perfect.  But whatever.  She is safely nestled in the barn and seems quite content.  I love her.

Gus is a good unloader and Rob is a good toter….

calfAddie is a good petter and friend maker.

calf addieAnd here I am making the bottle.  Note how awesome my fingernails look.  I had my second ever manicure today.  The lady told me it would stand ANY kind of hardship and activity.  Hahahaha.  We shall see fingernail lady, we shall see…..

calf milk calf milkI’m betting it is chipped before the weekend is through.

Meanwhile I’ll admire it and wave at each and every given opportunity.

So Miss Rachel took to her bottle quite well.  She and Rob had to have a talk first but she was fairly easy to convince.

calf rob

So I plan on providing you with weekly Rachel updates, that way we can all watch her grow and enjoy her together!  I think I even have Rob talked into getting her a friend.  Because chickens and cows are not meant to live alone.  Neither is man, so I think he understands.  😉

14 thoughts on “Meet Rachel…….

  1. I love this one! Makes me remember when my dad had a baby calf he had to bottle feed – we caller her Bolliver! Rachel is a much prettier name!

    Carolyn Lesh

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