Wicked Walk 1/28/2015

Wednesday, my day off, was spent working at my old job, attending a home-school painting party, trying to clean house, feed Rachel, check on a horse with colic and numerous other activities.  All of which interfered with my walk.  Which is fine.  I don’t mind helping out at my old job.  I had fun at the painting class.  Rachel is my new love and horses must be doctored.  Clean underwear helps too.  My family, helps my family, not the horse.  Anyway, the point is I didn’t walk until about 30 minutes before dark and what I have to share with you is brief.  Still, it was a beautiful evening.

Here is what I saw.

walk pondThis spot is always a tad bit marshy but with all the rain we’ve had recently it has turned into a regular pond.

walk treeThe naked oaks show off the fully clothed pine quite well I think…..

walk berryThere is still an abundance of berries for those seeking them.

And it never ceases to amaze me the huge difference a bit of focus can make…..

walk treewalk tree

A good life lesson.

Don’t you think?

walk nestBird’s nest also fascinate me.  If I, myself, tried to build a nest on these tiny limbs and subsequently raise children in said nest……

We would all die.

walk grassSome recently planted grass in a clear-cut area provided a pop of color.

walk pineconeI hate to see logging but this was, I admit, well done and clean.

I was able to walk without tripping, detouring or getting lost.  A feat for me on a good day, much less late evening in a recently thinned forest.

walk stumpwalk stumpAnd back home in time for the sunset….

walk sunset

Until next week.  Thanks for joining me y’all!


2 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 1/28/2015

  1. Love the recently planted grass picture! Looks like a pine thicket to an ant I suppose! Wish I could shrink small enough to see things from that perspective but would have to be careful of a wicked chicken though with her camera plus a hungry something! Well, maybe not! I’ll just remain my plump self!


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