The Cabin

Each year, to celebrate another 12 months of wedded bliss, my husband and I sail off for an exotic, sun-soaked vacation.  We bath in the warmth of life, drink the wine of love all while white-robed, tan-skinned attendants tend to our every need.


But we do make it a point each year to skip town for a weekend to enjoy one another’s company.  We have never made it more than 2 hours from the house, but hey.  When you are married with 2 kids, 34 chickens, 6 horses, assorted calves, dog, cat and the occasional turtle, 2 hours away is pretty darn good!  Last year we discovered ‘The Cabin’ on Lake Sam Rayburn, just under 2 hours southeast of our home.  And we liked it so well we returned again this year.

Last year we tried the local catfish place and drove around a bit.  This year, true to my anti-social, hermit personality, we hit the door Friday afternoon and didn’t crank the Volvo until late Sunday morning.  I cooked, we ate.  We had some wine.  I cooked, we ate.  We had coffee and watched BBC.  I cooked, we ate.  We had some more wine.  We had a fire and watched the logs slowly burn.  I cooked, we ate.  I washed dishes, Rob loaded the car and we went home.

It was perfect.

Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Always pleasant to be greeted by a bottle of bubbly, thanks Scott and Melissa!

Always pleasant to be greeted by a bottle of bubbly, thanks Scott and Melissa!

Our first dinner was Shrimp and Grits.  I was so happy to be away from home I forgot to take a picture.

cabin quicheBut I remembered to photograph the quiche on the following morning.  Then coffee on the porch…

I LOVE the outdoor lights strung about. Slightly vintage and not to bright. Perfect.  Then back inside for more puff pastry filled with cream and cherry sauce.  Did I mention I gained five pounds this weekend?



cabin pastryIn my defense I only consumed SLIGHTLY over one-half of the delicacy.  And that’s a chefs right, is it not?

We did go for a walk and burned like 28 calories.

There were so many mushrooms and fungi my 28 calorie walk took about 40 minutes.

cabin mushroom Plus I had this good-looking fellow to stare at.  Very distracting.

cabin robcabin rob

I really like my husband.

He baits my hooks, butters my biscuits and brings me my coffee.

And he likes cats.


Here is the cabin.  Cute, eh?

cabinSo we eat these……..

cabinMonte Cristo sandwiches with roasted veggies and raspberry sauce.  And decide to go fishing.

And while I LOVE to fish and have no problem baiting my own hook I am kinda awful at tying on all the equipment needed and such.

Enter Rob.

cabin robcabin rob

He is good at this.

So I wander about, glance down and ICK!  Spider on my leg!  It was really okay.  I took 3 pictures then removed him with great care.

Well.  I admit.  It wasn’t “great care”, I flicked him off with a small thump but I’m quite certain he was unscathed.

cabin spiderBriefly considered ditching the fishing idea for the hammock…..

cabinBut I’d already thawed out some gulf caught shrimp to fish with so on we went…..

cabin fishingHere is me and my pole and my foot.

cabin fishingHere is my cork.

And since I don’t have a picture of a fish to show off to you here is my foot again.

cabin fishingIt was a beautiful day.

And I only got tangled up once!

Yeah for me!

 I made a new friend…..

cabin beeHe loved me.

Back to the cabin for more wine and BBC……

cabin rachelI love BBC.  And wine.

Then a fire before heading home the next morning.

cabin fireIt is always good to get away and it is always even better to come home.

Thanks for reading y’all, you are the best!


6 thoughts on “The Cabin

  1. Anit-social, hermit personality nailed me! My wife is very close to me in personality but a bit more social! I can write my thoughts much better than express them face to face! I don’t know how we survived working a combined almost 60 years at the happiest zippadeedooda place on earth where everyday is full of social interaction, jumping up and down and Mickey hugs but good pay and great retirement kept us hanging in there! We celebrated with a 6 week out west road trip when we retired plus it was to celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss also! Whew! Happy anniversary! May you both always remember “The Cabin”!

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