She’s Growing!

As spring rings in its sweetness our sweet little Rachel is finally starting to grow a bit faster.  The sunshine is helping I am sure, here she is waving her ear at me…..

rachel calf“I’m waiting on my bottle Mama, I’m not weaned yet you know!”

rachel calf“I like my friends Mama, why don’t you give them bottles too?”

calves“Because they are twice your size darling”

Rachel calf“Okay Mama, good enough!  I’m gonna go run around now and act silly, okay?”


Rachel calfHappy Spring everyone!

3 thoughts on “She’s Growing!

  1. The black and white cow seems to be looking at Rachel and saying, “spoiled brat”! And the one beside it is saying, “yeah, & she is special cause “SHE” got named after her mummy & still gets the bottle & gets pictures made of her and and and”! Another exciting episode of “As The Pasture Turns” brought to you by Kraft Dairy Products! Tune in next week friends to see how Rachel handles “The Weaning”!

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