Bra in the Basket

So I went grocery shopping, because for some, strange reason the people who live with me think they need to eat on a regular basis.  I could live on walnuts, wine and coffee but they require more.  So after a hectic afternoon, plus a trip yet again to the dentist’s chair I finally made it to the sale at Brookshires.  List in hand I found all the deals I wanted to nab plus a few more tidbits.  Like the good citizen that I am I brought my own bags, I began loading up the conveyor belt with my goods and flopped out a wad of bags that had been hiding in my backseat a few days.  Out with the smaller bags flies my black Victoria’s Secret bra.  In front of God, Jesus and the Sacker.  And Checker and the people in line behind me.

braLanding gracefully among my organic strawberries, coffee, feta cheese, sour cream, cereal and State Fair corn dogs (I like for my family to be well-rounded, ha!)

Acting as if this were the normal thing for anything 30-something to have in her extra shopping bag, I scooped it up, tucked it away and paid.  And left in a hurry.  Then I realized I hadn’t been charged for the 2 cases of water that were now loaded in my car.  So I trudged back in and just for the heck of it, bought a watermelon.

I figured the checker would get a kick out of that.

p.s.  The bra must have come out of a recent load of clothes I had taken to Goodwill.  Don’t be getting any wild ideas about this Wicked Chicken!

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