Wicked Walk 5/6/2015

It was rather late when I had a break in the days activities and the rain that seems to be our new normal, I walked quickly around our place.

Here is what I saw.

IMG_6004The berries are ready to pick but a few blooms linger.

IMG_6010A Redbud tree holding its share of recent raindrops…..

IMG_6009The first Black-eyed Susan I’ve seen this year!

IMG_6014And another soon to follow!

IMG_6017One thing about the rain, it sure helps everything grow.

IMG_6020The deer are super happy, note the track here, filled with water.  I’ll bet this is the bugger eating the leaves off my pear trees…..

IMG_6022Oh well.

IMG_6027See how it has been flooding and running thru the forest, pushing down the grass?IMG_6024Crazy.

walk meadowHello Blue Sky!

walk dogHello Nosey!

Nosey never pays me any attention.

walk treeMore rain drops, clinging to pine needles.

walk flowerVolunteer flower by the chicken pen.

walk flowerwalk flowerArrowleaf clover!

Thanks for walking with me today, have a good one y’all!

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