Every year, during the latter part of October, my family makes the 17 hour journey to the state of Colorado in hot pursuit of the wapiti.  Not only do we take ourselves, we take a friend or two plus 6 horses, 2 canvas wall tents, 2 wood burning stoves, as many coolers are we can cram into the truck bed, chairs, cots, sleeping bags, lanterns, panniers, riding saddles, pack saddles, horse blankets and high-powered rifles.  And a giant box of homemade cookies.  I’m sure this is how everyone prepares for elk camp.  Whilst chasing this magnificent creature over the meadows, up the mountains and across the South Fork river I’ll not only be cold, sore, exhausted and incredibly happy.  I’ll also be at least 2 hours from internet and cell phone service.  I tell you this my dear blogging friends, so that you know I’m not ignoring you, I’ll have some posts coming out while I am gone but won’t be able to check on them or you for about 10 days.  Please bare with me, I promise to return with photos, stories and slimmer thighs.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures taken from past elk camps, there are a lot.  It is hard to put 7 plus years of hunting into a gallery, but I tried!

Love ya’!  Don’t forget about me!  🙂

 A quick note for anyone who may be wondering….we hunt on public access land in Colorado, a designated wilderness area which means no wheels, no motors.  We pack in all our gear on horses anywhere from 2 to 10 miles depending on the weather forecast.  We don’t bathe but we do have a ‘wipe-down’ every night.  We hunt hard, eat well and go to bed early.  We travel to the same place each October and many times, see the same faces and old friends year-after-year, it is like a second home.  The point of elk camp isn’t really about bringing home an elk, although that is a bonus, the point is time away from everything but each other.  To build respect, character and personal confidence.  Although those elk burgers taste awfully good!

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