Today is Monday.  Some Mondays you need to take with a grain of salt.  Or in this case, a block.  Today is Monday in the sense that Monday’s are busy, practically non-productive, frustrating, evil and otherwise useless.

Monday is the day you bury your old, until-this-point, faithful computer.  Monday is the day your old, not-so-faithful phone starts crackling in your ear.  Monday is the day you say farewell to your husband at 4:30 a.m. only to wake up 2 hours later and realize you are responsible for feeding the masses, yourself and your child before departing for work in 25 minutes.  And the chickens are out of water.  Monday is the day you have a massive zit protruding from a prominent location on your chin because on Saturday you bragged to a friend how clear your skin stays.  Monday is also the day you stuff French Fries down your throat with glee only to regret it 3 seconds later.  It is the day the toy that came with said fries breaks after 1.2 uses and makes your child cry.  It is the day you open a package containing a product you sent to be replaced because you received it damaged the first time only to find the replacement is just as bad as the original.

This dreaded day hides your monthly planner.  Foils any and all multitasking plans, no matter how well laid.  It also affects people ears.  For example…..customer:  “Do you have fall seed mixes for food plots?”  me:  “Yes, I have a nice blend of wheat, oats, clover and peas in stock.  It is 22.50 for a 50 pound bag”.  customer: “How much does it cost”?  me:  “22.50 for a 50 pound bag”  customer:  “How big is the bag?”.  FIFTY POUNDS!

I think I need to go pray over my recently deceased laptop, chuck my phone in the creek, take a nap, buy some zit cream, run off at least 400 calories, jaunt down to the post office to send back yet another product, find my planner, and go to Sam’s for a bulk container of q-tips.  Maybe that will clear those customers ears out……Bless thier hearts.

walk saltSalt Block.  It weighs 50 pounds too.

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