I’m not a big fan of concrete.  Unless, it’s being poured as a slab for my dwelling or chicken pen.  This particular batch of concrete was destined for the house.  So I didn’t mind.


There were a lot of men giving a lot of orders. Mostly in Spanish.  I tried to stay out of the way.  Me no speakie the Spanish.

I was glad something was finally going down that we could grasp. Not a mere idea, but something to make it all seem real.

And while the process wasn’t perfect (they washed out the truck onto the rocks I had spent 2 days gathering and placing along the driveway), it is, at least, complete.  And I am very happy with the porches and sidewalk.  I just wish this whole house thing wasn’t hurry up and wait.  But, it is.  And as I keep telling my darling husband, it WILL all get done.  Patience, patience, my darlings.

I realize this isn’t the most riveting post ever, but it’s all I’ve got for today.  Love you peeps!


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