Progress, progress!  While it may be slow at times, we are crawling steadily toward our dream.  Well, I actually haven’t done anything other than write a check for some posts, take the men lunch a few times and photograph the entire effort.  But hey, someone has to do the laundry and feed the cat.


The house pad is finished and hopefully, water and concrete next week!  Addie and her sweet friend are standing in what will be the kitchen.

The driveway is also coming along nicely.


I think I shall never tire of checking the mail ever again.


Juan and his brother are excellent fence builders and have the entrance almost ready to be tied together and completed.  The fence looks amazing……


I’m also really happy that we got these cedar posts. T-posts are okay, but these are pretty.


I’m also happy Juan is putting them in and not me.

Thank you, Juan!

I took the girls to the creek and they explored a few minutes.  It’s to hot right now to do anything outside for more than a few minutes.  Unless you are Juan.


I am glad to know the creek is still running. We haven’t had a good rain in a over a month now and things are getting pretty dry.

After coaxing the girls onto the 4-wheeler, we made our way back to the car, took a short stroll up the driveway and headed home again to make Banana Bread Muffins.

‘Cause we’re cool like that.


See you peeps soon!

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