Hi everyone!

Hi y’all!  I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, although some days it feels that way!  I’m just hiding out, rather unwillingly, waiting on the blessed day I regain internet service!  Good news is, my darling husband informed me, they are coming to set the forms for concrete tomorrow!  Happy Day!  That is step one on house erecting.  I’ve been taking lots of walks (my FitBit informed me I walked 40.56 miles last week!), and I’ve been taking pictures.  But, without the good ol’ world wide web, it doesn’t do a lot of good.  I’ll take advantage of this brief and glorious connection to share a few pictures with you.

Love ya’!

I know these are random and without much text but I’m short on time. Highlights, the driveway is awesome and I’m now a professional rock picker upper. There are so many mushrooms you can literally smell them as you walk thru the forest. We have water, which is amazing and fantastic and wonderful. Also, we were able to lease the acreage next door, which means instead of 90 acres to care for, we now have 340. Yikes!
The deer will be happy though. Most of those 40-something miles I walked were planting food plots. I am not only proficient at rock picking upping, I can plant the heck out of some seeds!
I’ll check back in soon, until then, thanks for hanging with me!

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