The Cowboy State

Here is the last post from Wyoming until at least next summer.  Me, my sister Rita, her new baby, Athena and my Addie all took a day trip into the mountains just outside of Laramie.  While down low, the weather was quite warm, things changed dramatically as the elevation grew.


Snow greeted us as we marched up in the searing wind, to the observation point.

The wind was brutal! Notice our first successful group selfie ever.
We stopped by one of the many lakes and checked out the ice. Plus the baby had to eat. And I had to pee. And well, it was just a good place to stop.

There is also a chapel not far from the lake. A nice place for a summer wedding I would think.
Driving back towards town we decided to do a little back-roading. And I am SO glad we did. We saw Prairie Dogs and Eagles and Antelopes…..

And a Badger! He was on the side of the road, busily wiggling thru a fence. And since there was no traffic I just stopped in the road and took about a million pictures of the furry guy.

I know they aren’t the greatest.  To be so short, they sure can move fast! But, I was still happy to see him, it was a first for me and Addie. Athena too but I think she was asleep so that doesn’t really count.

Since poor Athena was still less than 2-weeks old at this point we decided to head on home and save our next outing for later in the week.

We took Atlas and Jason this time.


Atlas was THRILLED to be playing and chasing and swimming. He is such a good dog.
I wandered around with Rita looking for Hedgehog Cactus. We found several, they kinda bury themselves in the winter. Snuggling down for the long haul I guess you could say. This made them a little difficult to find.


There were several other lovelies which demanded my attention. Then Rita’s arms started to get tired so Jason decided to tote Athena for awhile. I give you, the Great Baby Transfer of 2016.


They managed it without a breeze hitting the wee lass.
After we had all the fun to be had at the lake, we headed to the park. Addie insisted.

I was a fan of the ducks and cattail.
2 more days and it was time to head back to Texas. We stopped at Capulin National monument in New Mexico plus an awesome Goodwill just outside of Colorado Springs. And, of course the Big Texan in Amarillo. Nothing like those West Texas sunrises!

Thanks for traveling with us today!

2 thoughts on “The Cowboy State

  1. Thank you for taking me back to my favorite state! I wish we would of talked more to the locals while there to explore the less traveled places of beauty! I know areas around Wheatland where I lived as a young teen but the “famous” places were a disappointment of sorts as I felt like I was back at Disney where you are forced into intimate encounters with total strangers! On our second trip we did explore some of the more less known places thanks to gaining some info from the folks at the B&B where we stayed! This looks like an ideal place for me at the Medicine Bow observation area! Those are some beautiful places you were at and I didn’t see the first caravan of foreign tourists! I think some of the places we visited we were the only ones that spoke english! And no, I am not anti tourist as I now enjoy a very good retirement from the top tourist destination in the world or at least it was when I worked there but I do love to get away from the crowds when I go to vacation! I truly enjoyed going back to a place I learned to love as a teen through your pictures and descriptions!


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And no, I didn’t see a single tourist and everyone spoke English, lol! It is a great state, just too cold for me most of the year, ha! I don’t do crowds, I get kinda panicky. Wide open spaces are the only ones for me! 😀


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