Ode to Chicken

This poem is for all those who have ever loved and lost…….a chicken.  Who have lost a chicken to a raccoon, hawk, skunk, opossum, fox, bobcat, snake, owl, mink, stray dog, family dog, neighbors dog or simply an unnamed creature of the night……

 Oh, my chickens how I love thee though every creature wants to eat thee!

Night and day I slave away, hammering, nailing, foaming, fuming…..

You cluck and cackle at my efforts, Oh fowl brain!  If only I could make you understand.

This I do for your protection because for you there is no resurrection!

But blithe are you as you go your way

Pecking, dusting, running, loving.

Begging for a bit more scratch not knowing it could be your last.

And so I go, constantly seeking just the right board or brick or snare that will keep you safe in the cool night air.

But as I sit here in my chair watching you rush from here to there

I think to myself “What Life!  What Joy!”

Then rise and go to your coop again to make sure those predators can’t get in.

Dedicated to my favorite chicken whom I hope to find in heaven, if there are chickens in heaven.  Which I feel sure there are although maybe not specific chickens, but God loves us so who knows.  If dogs go and they often kill the chickens I think chickens should get first shot……but that is a discussion for another day….


Salmon Faverolle Hen

Check out this link to one of my favorite places, My Pet Chicken, to learn more about my favorite breed, pictured above.

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