Pink Flamingos

Never say never is a lesson I learned fairly early in life yet find I need to be reminded every now and then……for example.  I said I’d NEVER live in a trailer house.  Yet when faced with a nice trailer house completely paid for vs. huge monthly house note I happily went on decorating my tin mansion while making house plans on grid-paper.    I said I’d NEVER be over a size six.  Hahahahaha……..ha……..sigh.  sniff.  Moving on……
I said I’d NEVER have another chicken.  I have over 60 at this particular moment.  And I said I’d NEVER have a pink flamingo in my yard or any other kind of tacky whirly-thing.

And I DON’T have one in my yard.  It is in my flower bed.


Yet, when faced with a big set of baby blue’s in my 4 year old daughter’s adorable head threatening crocodile tears if we didn’t bring the damn thing home, assemble it and let it whirl for all to see……..I’m willing to bet you’d have a pink flamingo too.

2 thoughts on “Pink Flamingos

  1. Very cute!
    I’m sure your daughter really appreciates that you brought this home and put it together.
    She should be happy that she doesn’t live around here. The homeowner’s association (HOA) wouldn’t allow it.


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