Fishing vs Catching

I am an avid fisher, nothing is better on a balmy afternoon than floating along the river near our home admiring the Spanish moss, giant oak trees and listening for the splash of a turtle rolling off a log….


The Neches River

 Unfortunately for me I am ONLY good at fishing.  I rarely catch anything.  I have tried worms, little perches, crawfish, bread, things with feathers featuring colors like “Electric Metallic Orange”.  I have whispered to the fish, sang to the fish (a poor idea actually), I tried “the quiet game”.  I even have a special fishing outfit (see below).


I am capable however of holding the boat so it doesn’t float away. I’m VERY good at this.

I must admit I do SEE the fish, they swim around the boat, sometimes rolling an eyeball towards me as if to say “Girl, you funny!  Now put that pole down!” other times they merely mock me by leaping into the air and splashing back into the water leaving only ripples.

They will even come up and nibble my toes if I dip them into the water.


I’m not allowed to drive the boat which gives me lots of free time……

What makes this phenomenon even more painful is the fact every time my neighbor, Earl, goes fishing he returns with a boat full of whiskered wonders!  Small catfish, large catfish, medium catfish and the occasional behemoth catfish!

“We have a boat, we have nets, we have bait traps, hooks, 20 pound test lines, we even have an Evinrude!” I wail to Earl “What am I doing wrong?!” I beg him for a tip, a clue, a hint but I guess that is what separates the ‘fishers’ from the ‘catchers’, they never tell their secrets.


Time to hook another worm….

On the other hand, I’ll bet Earl doesn’t have hours to admire the beauty of the river bottom, time to sing the fish a tune or even take a picture.  So I think I’ll just go on fishing and when I’m craving a catfish dinner……I’ll go see Earl.


Rob and Addie-Fishing Buddies.

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