Squirrel Muffins

I recently went to a homeschool book fair with a dear friend and on the way we stopped for a much needed coffee break.  The following is the conversation I had with my 5 year old daughter, Addie, upon returning home……

Me “Miss Amanda and I went to Starbucks today for coffee”.

Addie “Well, I hope you didn’t have a squirrel muffin”.

“No, actually I had a blueberry muffin”.

“Good, squirrel muffins are nasty.”

Yes Addie yes indeed, I have no doubt you are right, thank GOD Starbucks was plum out of ‘squirrel muffins’!  Thank heaven for little country girls and may we never, ever have to eat a squirrel muffin!  Ever.  Amen.


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