Wicked Walk 9/17/2014

There is season in everyone’s life that the devil attempts to thwart your efforts at goodness with vigor.  He has been breathing down my neck this last month.  Or maybe I’m just over-scheduling myself.  OR maybe the devil is over-scheduling myself FOR me!  yes, that must be it!


Now, what were we talking about?

Oh, my walk.  Yes.  Wednesday September 17th was a little muggy, a little miserable and a lot over-scheduled.  Threw on some shorts 20 minutes before time to leave for church determined to catch a few images to share.  I got 3 and my camera battery went dead.  That WAS the devil, tricky, old, horrid, (insert appropriate bad word here).  So, short though it may be…….

Here is what I saw.

walk fruit

The persimmons are almost ripe, I’ve witnessed the deer checking them out so I know it won’t be long!

walk tree

Three oak trees who like one another so much they decided to grow in a wad.

walk flower

Fuzzies and a Flower-both pretty much spent thus preparing for fall.

I also saw a lizard but he was very uncooperative and a complete waste of time but I still had fun chasing him around.  Not sure he had any fun, he probably thought I was the devil………

Thanks for coming along today, see you next week with double the images (at least) in tow!

Have a great day and thanks for reading, love ya’!

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