Art. Or something like it.

Creativity arrives in many forms throughout life.  So does appreciation for art.

Guess what this piece of art is.  Come on now, be creative!

art mushroom

Addie made this for me and at first glance I thought it was some sort of medieval weapon.  Or maybe a torture device.

art mushroom

Upon further inspection I decided it was a voodoo doll thingy for some poor, unfortunate soul

art mushroom

At this angle I decided it was that super-creepy pumpkin-guy from “Nightmare Before Christmas”.  I never saw that movie but the poster scarred me for life.

I finally gave up and asked Addie, the artist herself.

It represents the sun.

But is actually a mushroom with sticks stuck thru it and some hay jammed on top.

And that, people, it what you call “Art”.

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