Wicked Walk 9/3/14

As I wander about my blog I realize the “Wicked Walk” section is piling up rather quickly so I figured I better start dating the darn things.  So I did.  Wednesday September 3rd was cloudy, cool and rather lovely.  I walked about 8:30 a.m.

Here is what I saw.

walk fruitwalk fruit

Wild Fruit. I think the first is a kind of plum, the second are persimmons.  Deer love them.

walk tree

Still hanging on…..

Partridge Pea!

walk flowerwalk tree

I took a photo of this evil-looking tree a few months ago and shared it when it was bright red, I think it looks even more menacing now.  It is called a Devil’s Walking Stick and rightly so.

walk fencewalk spider

Check out the cool spider! His front legs were forevermore long and the back ones were yellow! I gotta get a camera that will capture these dudes REALLY close. Not that I want to freak you out with super intense spider eyeballs or anything. I just think it’d be neat to REALLY zoom in!  Really.

walk bugwalk tree

Another cool bug on a very pretty and loaded Mulberry bush.  I use the term ‘cool bug’ very loosely by the way.  It if is an insect and I see it and I happen to be able to snap a photo of it that automatically makes it a cool bug for all intents and purposes on this blog.  I have no idea (most of the time) if said bug is beneficial or destructive and certainly no insight as to its ‘coolness’ in relation to other bugs.  For all I know it may be the dorkiest, most socially awkward bug ever.  Don’t judge.
walk tree
Before we go any farther I have to apologize. I became a little, okay a lot, obsessed with this vine because, frankly, it is beautiful. So I spent about 5 minutes under it admiring it and taking pictures of it and hoping the humongous spider living on it didn’t jump on my head.

walk vine

walk vine

walk spider

walk vine

walk vine

Okay.  I am through with the vine.  Thank you for your patience.

walk woods

The train trestle as viewed from the east end of the bottom food plot.

walk dog

Nosey smiling at you.

walk vine

Muscadine vine!  If only I knew how to make wine……

When walking along a forest trail, such as this one, you are bound to encounter spider webs.  Oftentimes before you see them you feel them touching your hands, arms, and face.  This unexpected interaction has several benefits.  1.  You are granted super ninja powers for 30-60 seconds.  Nothing can defeat you.  2.  The neighbors will share in all your ninja glory for your voice will be raised to a level normally reserved for dog whistles and Ozzie Osborne renditions.  3.  It will be a crazy train, ride it.  And sing it.  You only have 30-60 seconds so take full advantage.  4.  If you wish to repeat or prolong the experience simply stand still long enough for the spider to actually crawl in your hair or on your arm.  I don’t recommend this method because it can result in severe beating of oneself without mercy resulting in a bruised human and angry spider.

walk forest

Since I have never been a thrill-seeker I use this sophisticated “Spider Detection Stick”

walk forest

It works extremely well.  Simply hold your Spider Detection Stick at arm’s length in front of you, high enough to be in your line of vision.  It will gracefully sweep away the evil webs before you turn into Chuck Norris.

You’re welcome.

Unless you WANT to turn into Chuck Norris.  Then omit the stick and see step one in the previous paragraph.

horses walk

walk horses

Moving right along.  Here is The Herd.  Our Herd.  From left to right, Max, Pokey, Mouse, Tater, Kid Rock and Hippo.  Hippo is my steed, Kid Rock, my husbands.

Anybody wanna buy a horse?


How about mushrooms?  I hear there’s a market for them….

walk mushroomwalk mushroom

walk mushroom
Thanks for joining me today, sorry it was so long. I’ll try to not get distracted by vines, spiders, mushrooms or horses next week.  No promises, but I’ll try.

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