Wicked Walk

August in Texas is almost always horrid, hot and unbearably sweaty.  So of course, this is the week Addie insisted on walking with me.  Therefore Wednesday, August 6th 2014 was a short jaunt to the train trestle and back.

Here is what I saw.

walk addie

A cute human in shorts, a Hello Kitty! shirt toting a turkey feather.

walk addiewalk addie

I’m still not 100% sure what the feather was for but  think it was to act as a fan.

walk addie train

Onto the tracks we hopped…..

walk train

The heat was drawing black, icky, sticky thick liquid from the posts….

walk dragonfly

But the dragonfly didn’t seem to mind the heat.

walk log

A fallen pine log.

walk train

Inside the tracks.

walk train

A sign, there are lots of these with different letters  and numbers on them up & down the track.

walk train

“I hear the train a’coming, its rollin’ ’round the bend and I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when…..”

I love Johnny Cash.  But we obviously didn’t hear the train a’coming or we wouldn’t have been standing in the middle of the track.

We are smart like that.

walk pinecone


walk train addie

The hardest part about walking with small humans is they tire easily and take frequent breaks.

walk rock

Addie found a rock and insisted I take a photo therefore I feel obligated to share it.

This is the rock.

walk pinecone

A trio of pinecones.

walk train

Another oozing post.

walk train

Finally.  We made it to the trestle.

walk feather

I spied this feather.  And about 60 others.  Our old Tom Turkey has been missing a few days so I just had this feeling…

walk feather

No more Tom Turkey.  Poor old guy.

walk flower

This unopened trumpet vine flower was nearby…

walk train

It doesn’t look very high up in this picture but standing this close to the edge made my hiney hurt.

walk train

Nothing makes Addie’s hiney hurt.  Expect maybe me.

walk train addie

We tossed a few stones onto our creek.

walk rock

Only I kept this one.

walk feather

Said “Farewell” to Tom Turkey…..

walk addie train

And we headed home.

walk train Addie

Thanks for joining us today!


8 thoughts on “Wicked Walk

  1. What a wonderful walk! One of the best I’ve seen yet… I LOVED the tracks through the feather and the dragonfly. But mostly, that little human walking away with the sunshine on her hair. I proper hallmark moment that needs a caption. It is simply gorgeous. Well done, my photographic genius blogfriend! Thoroughly enjoyable. Only way this could have been better would be if I had been burning the same calories you did just by sitting here and reading this article… hahaha! (a girl can dream, can’t she? ha!)


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