I have not forgotten you……

Since I began this blog almost 2 years ago, this has been my longest break.  I have barely even seen my computer these past couple of weeks.  It wasn’t an intentional break, it just kinda happened.  Rather than go on and on about all the pitiful reasons I’ve abandoned y’all.  I’ll simply let my pictures do (most) of the talking.

Here is what I’ve been seeing and doing.

First of all, as good homeschoolers, we did lots of school.  Which doesn’t look a whole lot like school to most people but it works for us.

There was a dead bat (WE WORE GLOVES!), there were owl pellets sent from Wyoming from my lovely sister who discovered them in her yard.  There was a giant, green airplane.  There was a honey bee and photography lessons.  Bird identification.  Fishing.  Exploring.  Piano lessons.  4-H livestock show, at which I must add, Addie’s birds weighed in at 6.6 pounds, 6.6 pounds and 6.8 pounds.  A very nice, even pen.  There was pie making.  And eating.

And there was an orange peel that Addie thought looked like the United States.

We found time to have some friends over to boil crawfish and rope a little.

Always a fun time!

Then, I sold my kitchen.  My lovely, own, big, wonderful, private space in which I created and consumed countless meals, desserts and, quite possibly, cocktails.


Normally clean and attractive, it was turned into chaos by the whole moving process.
Which in turn, exploded in my kitchen in the house.
Which continues to explode as I type this.

It’s funny, you never know when something will be the last of something.  If that makes sense.  For example, that pie Addie and I made, it was the last one I ever made in my kitchen.  But it was the first crust she ever did on her own.  Bittersweet I guess.

The reason I sold the kitchen is we are moving.  At least, we are supposed to be moving.  It has been an on-going process since Christmas and beyond stressful.  We are working on closing but everything is going at a snails pace.

However, I’ve been making a garage sale pile…..


Which means there aren’t many places to sit in my living room.
Any of y’all need a whisk?????

However, amid the stress I found time to take my husbands fishing.  My actual husband and my “work” husband get along beautifully.

Plus, I caught a fish! They caught like a hundred but I was tickled with my pretty perch!
I’ve been trying to keep the yard up and it has never looked better, plus all my fruit trees are getting ready to bare for the first time ever. I’m pretty sad I’m going to miss it. Well, maybe miss it. Not knowing for certain is the worst part of this whole ‘gonna move thing’.

And of course, today was Easter.
Which meant we hunted eggs on Saturday…..
And celebrated the resurrection today.

Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about getting to heaven. As Forrest Gump said “One less thing.”

And, that, my dear readers, is what has happened the last 2 weeks.

Plus petty things like laundry, grocery shopping, work and so on.

Thanks for sticking up with me, love y’all!

3 thoughts on “I have not forgotten you……

  1. Nice catch on your fishing excursion! We call them crappie but they are not crappy at all! They are fun to catch and my absolute favorite fresh water fish to eat! Hope the move goes good if and when! I had enough as a kid as my preacher/construction dad was always chasing green pastures so we moved on average of once every two years! As a married adult I have not moved nearly as much and I hope the last one from Florida to Georgia was the last until the good Lord moves me to heaven and from what I read and believe in the bible our Savior has it all planned out with no packing and unpacking! Happy Easter!


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