Field Trip~Freshwater Fisheries Center

Freshwater Fishery Trip!

As bona fide homeschoolers with an adorable gaggle of girls in our little group you know we have to take lots of field trips. Well, not LOTS. But enough to keep it fun and we recently had our best one ever! If you are ever within an hour or so of Athens, Texas you’ve got to check out the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center. I can’t believe I made it 31 years, 12 of those as a homeschool kid myself, and have never been to this place until now!

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and since I’m pretty sure you don’t want to read thousands of words that have flown out of my head and onto your computer screen we shall just stick to (mostly) pictures today!  You can click on any picture to enlarge and see the caption.

If you decide to go, which I obviously highly recommend, bring about 5.00 per person admission (it was 9.00 for me and Addie), bring quarters for the fish food machine, wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen and bring a picnic.  They have a small selection of stuff to eat but you will want a picnic.  There are 2 dive shows a day (11:00 and 2:00) and each are immediately followed by a tram tour.  The tram tour is very short and will drop you off at the head of the wetlands nature trail with is mostly paved, shaded and flat.  It ends back at the picnic area and fishing ponds.  The trail is about half a mile long.   At the end you head over to the bait shop, grab a pole and some bait and you are all set to nab a catfish.  In the early spring they even offer fly fishing lessons in the rainbow trout pond!  They also have a nice gift shop!  🙂

If you go, please tell me what you think!  I hope you love it!

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