Wicked Walk 4/5/2016

Things have been crazy around here, selling stuff, buying stuff, putting up broilers, attending parties and so on.  But Addie and I stole a few minutes to take a quick walk

Here is what we saw.

walk clover

White clover, blooming beautifully.
Plus a small child with a purple, flower weed thing. I think it is Toad Flax. Which is the most awesome name ever.
walk addie
My Blue Bonnets are almost past their prime but still, beautiful.

This weed was pretty as well, still holding onto the dew.
walk flower
Nobody thought this dogwood would make it. It did.
walk tree flower
Addie and I were both disappointed to see those plums we were so excited about…..badly frost bitten.
walk addie
Nosey, however, was obviously unaffected by the news.
walk dog nosey
Addie climbed a tree to take her mind off her worries……
walk tree addie
I admired my newly, blooming flowers.
walk flower
And, that’s all we saw y’all!

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