Wicked Walk

Wednesday July 9th was much like Wednesday July 2nd.  Hot, humid and mosquito plagued.  So I waited until fairly late in the day to venture out.

Here is what I saw.

chicken chicken

Apparently the chickens wanted to join me on my walk.  Or they thought my camera bag contained scratch.  After a brief, mad dash in my wake they decided it was to much effort and went back to pecking about in the grass.


I was glad the chickens stopped otherwise this beautiful mushroom would have been in mortal danger…


…as well as the ants.  However the ants I would waste no time mourning.

tree tree

The persimmon tree is loaded with fruit this year!


In fact all the trees are loaded this year.

To bad I’m not.  Loaded that is.


Weeds are really pretty.  Pesky.  But pretty.


A bit of pine bark…

pine cone

…and a pine cone.


Make a wish!


More pine bark.


And more pretty weeds.  I’m quite sure my husband sprayed these with a chemical designed to cause them death so it is good I saw them today.  Because next week they will not be so attractive.

Thanks for joining me on my walk today!

Until next time…..  🙂

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk

  1. Awww that was a wonderfully wicked walk! Thanks for the pretties – my favourites are the pinecone and the dandelion… Beautiful! You might want to consider hallmarking your photos in case anyone decides they want to steal you work! 🙂 (Frankly, I’m tempted by the dandelion…it would be worth creating a post around that picture! haha!) (Actually, I always cite sources, so ‘s’all good… 🙂 )


    • Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed them! And that is a really good suggestion, I am glad you think they are good enough to steal! 😉 I have no idea how to hallmark them though, I am very handicapped when it comes to computers………


      • Try UMark5… It is very simple. You can either do it online or download their software (just be sure to unclick other add ons they might want to put on your computer, obviously). It is very easy to do. Or just google “hallmark photo” and you will be given plenty of other options… happy hallmarking! 😀


      • I will! Thank you for the tips, I really know nothing about computers. My cell phone doesn’t even receive or send pictures. Hallmarking shall be my official Thursday project!


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