Wicked Walk

Thanks to God, Jesus, Mother Nature and Mark Scrito (our weatherman) Wednesday July 16th was gloriously cool!  Upper 60’s and sunny with a slight breeze, thank merciful heavens!  I didn’t even break a sweat until I was 2/3 of the way home from my 2.5 mile excursion.

Here is what I saw.

walk-trainThe railroad tracks crossing our road.

Followed by the neighbors horses…..

walk horses

And a Black-eyed Susan.



A visual reason you should never attach fences to trees.  Very bad idea.


Even a small weed can look glorious in the correct light!


I saw this leaf and immediately thought of fall.  Sure, it is still 3 months away but it is my favorite time of year.  My birthday, elk season, deer season, Thanksgiving and campfires all happen in the fall.  I’m ready!


walkThere are lots of dead trees lying about, we had a horrid drought in 2012 and the effects are still painfully obvious.

caterpillercaterpillerHowever, this little creature doesn’t seem to mind…..

A partridge pea, one of my all time favorite plants. When I was little we had an enormous patch of these in front of our house. I would make tunnels and ‘caves’ and pretend I was a fairy….. 🙂

There are a lot of busy spiders in Maydelle….
mossIsn’t this fabulous? Look at those colors!

I kinda have a thing for moss and/or fungi. Please tolerate me.
treeThis is an Eastern Hophornbeam! I love saying it, come on, say it with me “Easter Hophornbeam, Eastern Hophornbeam!”
bugA pill bug. I adore pill bugs.
These are covering the sides of the road right now….
roadTime to turn around and head home….
blackberry bush
I was viciously attacked by a blackberry bush! It leaped on and attached to my bare arm without warning!

Recovering rather quickly I spied this..
flowerAnd again….
And I promptly made my way home. Thanks for joining my wonderfully cool walk this week!

May each July be blessed with at least one 67 degree morning!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk

  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! And I have to say I LOVE the hallmarking. Well done! It’s super easy, isn’t it? 🙂 The fungi was gorgeous and I loved the spiderwebs as well. Thanks for taking me along! MH


    • Thank you SO much for sending me in the right hallmarking direction! 🙂 It was super easy after I got the first batch done! And I just can’t seem to pass up a spider web, I think they are so beautiful. Even though I go all Jackie Chan if a spider gets on me!


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