Wicked Walk

I don’t know about you people but this summer has flown by for me and mine, I can hardly believe that fall is merely 6 weeks away and I’ve seen more cool weather this month than any October the past 30 years!  Craziness, so my walk August 13th was another one blessed by pleasant weather, a cool bird sighting and a stunning green spider that wouldn’t stay still for a photo for all the bugs in Christendom.

Here is what I saw……


A bright orange crawfish claw, not sure where the rest of him lay.  Somewhere around the pond I’m sure…..

walk flower

A pretty pea flower on the neighbors mailbox.

walk woods

The woods.  I love the way east Texas smells in summer, earth and pine needles and warmth.  I like it so much I try to breathe thru my nose even when I’m puffing up a hill, doesn’t always work out though.

walk spider

The uncooperative spider.

walk woods

This is a mud puddle.  This is a mud puddle in Texas.  This is a mud puddle in Texas in August.  This may not happen again.  Ever.

So I’m trotting along the path thinking about mud puddles and BOOM!

A giant woodpecker is right in front of me pecking furiously at a tiny pine tree about 3 feet off the ground.

I froze and turned on my camera and moving as slowly as possible snapped a few shots.

walk bird

He was very fast which made getting a great shot impossible for me but I wanted you to see him!

walk bird

Cool, isn’t he!?  I was plumb tickled!

Here is the tree he was boring into.

walk woods

Moving along……

walk spider web

walk woods

I’ll bet woodpeckers visit this tree as well.

walk mushroom

Some creature, a deer probably, had broken part of this mushroom pair.

walk ant hill


I like ants.  As long as they are far away from me…….

Until next time, Have a good week Peeps!


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