To be Silly

I woke up yesterday and thought to myself “Wow, I have a really large and shiny forehead” So I cut myself some bangs without so much as a by-your-leave.  Ta Da!  I pranced off to work thinking to myself I wonder what John will say?  I wonder what Rob will say?  I wonder what Addie will say?  Well, nobody said anything.  All day long.  I began to doubt my hasty decision.  “Maybe they are just busy” I think, “Maybe it is SO horrid they are just being nice by NOT saying anything!”  “Lord, what have I done to myself?!”  Oh well.  That which is cut cannot be uncut.  This is true on bull calves, wrapping paper, horses manes and my hair.  Today, I am not very worried about my bangs, I slept well.  I’ve had 4 cups of coffee, 2 cheese pigs and got a good shot of Toby Mac and Jesus on my way to work.  It’s gonna be a good day.  And since I was feeling entirely happy and entirely silly I decided to show you my bangs.  Here they is!


“Hellro” This is me saying “hellro” in my best Mr. Bean voice.

I love Mr. Bean.


This is me wishing I’d cleaned the mirror before taking pictures.  I promise I don’t have a retarded eye.


This is me sinking.


“Aaarrrggghhhhh” This is my pirate face.


Methinks my scary pirate face needs some work…..


Here is my clown face.  It is MUCH scarier than my pirate face.  And I really can’t stand clowns which is why I’m not sure why I made this face at all.  It scares me,  Seriously.

I hope you don’t have bad dreams.


Duck Lips!  I never really understood this trend so this is my first and last duck lip shot.

Your welcome.


This is me winking at you.  I’m not a very good winker, the strain on my face is a bit obvious I think.  And I can only wink my right eye, if I try and wink my left eye it just turns into a blink.  I’ve been told, though, watching me TRY to wink my left eye is rather amusing.  My friends must get really bored sometimes…..


Here I am flirting with you.  Unless you are a women, which you probably are since I think most of my readers are women.  In that case I’m not flirting with you, just showing you my “magazine cover’ pose.  Although, if you are a man I am happily married and normally only flirt with my husband but hey it’s Saturday!


Well, that’s all folks!

Now you have seen my bangs and me.

Thanks for reading, I hope I made you smile and I didn’t scar you permanently with my clown face.

 I love ya’!


5 thoughts on “To be Silly

  1. Last shot is priceless! 🙂 And I agree… I never understood the duck lip thing. But you did them justice, I gotta say! 🙂 Cute post, sweetie – made me smile! And I like you new fringe!! It really suits you…


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