Wicked Walk

Texas is getting pretty dusty which translates to I got pretty dusty Wednesday August 27th.  Since I can feel my shorts getting a wee bit snug I walked a little farther than normal.  And I even remembered to take a bottle of water along.

Here is what I saw.

walk leaves

I was more than pleased to see this entirely ‘fall-looking’ branch.  Even though we have been blessed with a cooler summer I am READY for fall.

walk road

Even the road looked a bit more fall-ish…..

walk bushI was super happy to spot this near the side of the road.  Now I see these really cool bushes often but not by the road, normally in swampy, mosquito-plagued places surrounded by private property I’ve no right to be on…….

walk spider


Okay, so it is a dead spider and the only reason I spied it was a small butterfly was caught and struggling in its web.


Which was actually really depressing.

walk spider

Dead spider……


…Soon to be dead butterfly with evidence lying everywhere.  I felt like I was in CSI-Maydelle.

walk bush

A very not depressing mulberry bush.

walk flower

A beeeeeautiful flower!

walk bush

Purdy Bush.

walk flower

Aren’t these amazing?

Dead spider, dying butterfly depression totally evaporated by these two tiny wonders.

flower walk

Moving along……..check out my neighbors mailbox!  I always knew there was a Hereford cow on the mailbox but totally missed the chicken until today!  The advantages of walking are many.  I now want to run home, steal Addie’s plastic chicken collection and glue them on top of my mailbox!

walk cow

Only Rob probably wouldn’t be cool with me gluing plastic chickens to our mailbox.

I better just stick with taking pictures.


There won’t be many more of these, I can feel fall coming!


This bunny didn’t make it.  However, its tail was so bright and fluffy I had to immortalize it.

walk barn

This barn isn’t going to make it either…….

walk road

See that dust?  Three pick-up trucks passed me in a row leaving me with brown sunglasses, brown tennis shoes and brown boogers.  I don’t think I’ve ever typed the word “booger” before.  Hope that wasn’t to graphic.  But its true.

Until next time, may your day be filled with live butterflies, clutter-free mailboxes and clean noses.

Love ya’.


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