Wicked Walk 9/10/2014

Ever have a day that flies by so quickly that one second you are sipping coffee and the next thing you know its time for supper?  Wednesday September the 10th was like that for me.  And so I found myself at 6:30 p.m. in the parking lot of First Baptist church with nary a picture taken.  I left Addie at her GA meeting quite certain I could fit in a walk without missing TO much church.  I had my camera with me and scurried downtown to take a quick stroll to share with y’all.

Here is what I saw.

walk rusk

This mural was painted just last year and is encased on the front by crepe myrtles.  I want to eat lunch here.

walk bike

Just around the corner I spotted this super cool yellow bike.  I had a bike once.  That is a long and unrelated story I’ll share one day…

walk rusk

Isn’t this awesome how the shop owner has Christmas ornaments hanging from the porch?  If I had a shop downtown on the square I’d have Christmas ornaments too.

walk bench

Another thing I love is all the old benches.  And they all match which is even more great.

walk window

Stained glass window in the door of another store.

Have I ever shown you a picture of my house?

walk house

This isn’t it.

It is on Sycamore street.  My house isn’t on a street.

walk street

Oh well.  I couldn’t have chickens if I lived on Sycamore street.

walk sign

But I COULD walk across the street for some live, local theatre!

walk sign

Coolest.  Sign.  Ever.

walk rusk

6:40 in Rusk, Texas.  I love the fact it is pretty much shuttered after 5 p.m. and on weekends.  Life was better when businesses were shuttered after 5 p.m. and on weekends….

walk rusk

The courthouse.


The hotel that really isn’t a hotel anymore.

walk rusk

Downtown window.

walk rusk

You see this pretty gazebo?  As I was taking its photo I felt something crawling on my ankles.  I looked down and I was standing smack, dab in the middle of the largest ant hill in Cherokee county.  My left foot looked black.  I did a very unattractive hopping dance on the courthouse lawn, screeched in a very high-pitched voice and flung my camera lens cover to the south.


After the ants and I parted ways my camera started telling me the battery was about to die.  Which was God telling me to get my booty back to church.


A couple more quick shots….


And I made it back in time for the first verse.

I was a bit sweaty and had itchy ankles but I was there.  Jesus doesn’t care if you are sweaty and have itchy ankles.  Not sure about the person sitting next to me though…..

Heading back to the woods next week, thanks for coming along with me today!

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