Wicked Walk 1/13/2015

As I’ve been super crazy busy this past week, adjusting to my new, super-fantastic job, traveling over-night to Fort Worth for a book convention with one of my bestest friends and just dealing with life in general I find myself one post short for the week and my ‘walk’ not even prepared for you all on the eve of its publication.Β  So instead of madly tapping out a senseless string of words to bombard your senses I’ll just leave you with the neat, fun walk I had last week.

It was cold, cloudy and eerily silent.Β  And I found two skulls and a TON of weird mushrooms and fungi.

Here is what I saw.

walk vinewalk vine

walk skull

walk fungi

walk skull

Until later y’all!

Love ya’!

11 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 1/13/2015

    • I wrote about my new job in the post “Winds of Change” published about 2 weeks ago. But basically I am getting to cook, clean, drive and hang out with some awesome older folks whom I’ve know several years now. The hours are great, I have weekends and Wednesday off and I love them and they love me back! πŸ™‚

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  1. As always, I so enjoy your wanders through the woods and fields… especially enjoyed the boar skull! Wowsers! Impressive… I wonder what took it down? Maybe a bullet… πŸ™‚ At any rate, keep the wonderful images coming. I get my Texas fix when I read you, darling girl! xx Mother Hen


  2. Nice walk! Kinda reminds me of the great song Circle of Life from one of my favorite Disney animated films, The Lion King! The boars head just about completed it’s circle! Akuna Matada to ya little lady!


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