Wicked Walk 12/9/15

As I sit here, listening to Hugh Jackman belt out tunes from ‘Oklahoma’, I find it difficult to recall what I did preceding my walk last Wednesday.  However, in my defense, I find it hard to focus on anything when Hugh Jackman is involved.

There were trees, mushrooms and leaves present.

And it was late afternoon.

That’s all I got for ya’.  Blame Hugh.

Here is what I saw.

walk tree

The sunset from the campground.

walk tree

And the trees reflected in our pond.  Well, our wet-weather pond.  It goes away in the summer.

walk moss

MOSS!  I love moss.

walk weed

Once a Golden Rod, now Gray, yet still lovely.

walk tree pond

Upside down trees, as reflected in the slough along with the setting sun.

walk tree sun

Sweetgum triplets with the sun burning a hole in their core.

walk mushroom

Little Mushroom!

walk mushroom

Lots o’ mushrooms!

walk leaf

Fallen Oak Leaf.

walk fern

Frost Bitten Fern.

walk road train

And time to head home.

Thanks for walking with me (and Hugh Jackman) today.

I love ya’.

5 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 12/9/15

  1. I love Lots o’ mushrooms but the country road shot with the railroad crossing is my favorite! I can place myself there in my imagination as a barefoot happy little boy running down that road and digging my toes into the dirt to propel me forward toward the track so I could let my imagination run wild about the trains that have crossed there! I love trains! My favorite memories from our trips out west were seeing the endless trains that were speeding across the vast deserts and prairies! There is maybe is a little bit of hobo in me! As a kid I would probably imagine also what it would be like to shrink and play under those mushrooms! I don’t know exactly what God has planned for us in heaven but I wonder sometimes if he will let us fulfill some of those crazy dreams and I will have my own train or be able to play as a child in a wonderland of tree sized mushrooms filled with happy kids! Well, I guess by now ya’ll think I’ve been eating some weird mushrooms! Haha! No no! Just enjoying reminiscing about being one of the happiest little boys ever & being able to go back in time thanks to a friend in Texas and her wonderful walks in her bit of heaven on earth! Merry Christmas ya’ll! May God’s blessings be upon all of you during this celebration of God’s gift that He sent into a dark and sinful world so we can find peace in Him by accepting His gift! May the new year be a time when we all can learn to love Him more and shed His love in an ole world that desperately needs Him in their lives! God bless!


    • My dad is a lover of trains as well, we used to have a huge model set up in our living room. And, if we get to shrink (or the mushrooms get to grow 20 feet) in heaven, I’ll be right there with you! Addie and built fairy houses yesterday, it’s so fun to imagine and build a tiny world, but would be even better to walk in it! Merry Christmas, Dave!


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