Wicked Walk 12/10/2014

December the 10th was a really good day.  Not only was the weather perfect for walking, I harvested a spike (perfect double lung shot, pats self on back) and made cookies for Addie’s piano recital.  A well-rounded day.  The early morning hours revealed lots of beauty.

Here is what I saw.

walk flowerDew-coated pod and a Daddy-Long-Leg spider……

walk spiderOak leaf with a touch of lace….

walk leaf

This barn you can barely see from the road, I think I was trespassing.  Don’t tell anybody, okay?

walk barn walk barn walk barnI hate to see things go to waste and once upon a time this was a pretty neat little shelter.


walk mossMoss growing on a tree limb……

walk mushroomThis little mushroom was keeping the pine tree company.

walk fungiPretty fungi and some unidentified animal poop.

All the following pictures were taken on a single log in less than a square foot.  Lots of color and life in such a tiny spot!

Moving on….I crawled under a fence then hopped up onto the railroad tracks.

walk trainSpotted some super fuzzy, peach-colored fungi beside the tracks……

walk mushroom???????????????????????????????walk deerI was walking along the tracks, heard a rustling to my left and saw several does.  I counted 6 but only got 3 in the pictures.

walk deerThey finally saw me and dashed away at record speed.

walk rockPRETTY ROCKS!

Thanks for joining me today!

Love ya’!


One thought on “Wicked Walk 12/10/2014

  1. Gotta love ole train tracks! There is one (semi-abandoned) near us with a long bridge over a creek! Your picture reminds me to go visit my ole friend! A short train goes through it about once a week to our little town to pickup open box cars that have been filled by the local auto demolishing plant! I love it’s horn blasts! Merry Christmas!

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