The One……

I have 34 Chickens.  29 Hens, 5 Roosters.  And while I’d rather have only 2-3 roo’s it is okay.  They seem to get along fairly well, there are no horrid cock-fights running amok.  And at the end of the day they all go to roost happily together, 33 of  them.  The 34th, a small bantam hen, leaves her feathered friends, making a bee-line for a tree by the house.  She cares not that she sleeps alone, exposed to wind, rain, owl and hawk.  And she will NOT be convinced to co-sleep in the coop, nestled safely among the hay and shavings with her companions.

A creature who knows her own mind, day and night.

Be safe Mrs. Hen!

3 thoughts on “The One……

  1. I have 17 hens and not sure if 2 of these arent roosters .. They ate only youngsters. I have a nutty chook Sally, who would sleep in our hedge, and this meant flying over the fence to do so! Arent they amazing when they make up their mind to do something! Great pics of your bantam 🙂


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