Wicked Walk 12/3/2014

 Today I cleaned my stove.  This in turn made my counter tops look bad.  So I cleaned them, which in turn made the cabinet faces appear rather horrid.  So I cleaned them, which in turn made the appliances, both large and small, seem a bit crusty.  So I cleaned them, which led to a careful observation of the floor.  And so on it went to carry over into 2/3 of my house.  This resulted in a much cleaner, pleasant domicile  and a later walk than I had planned.

Not only did I walk later than planned but I ventured into some ‘new’ territory.  The state forest is being thinned so is rather populated with loggers, trucks and skidders.  Not a good meditative environment.  Nor good for picture-taking since I often find myself on my knees, belly or in a strain of some kind.  For this, I need no live audience.  So I explored a small patch of woods on the opposite side of the road.

Here is what I saw.

walk leafA tiny vine with mottled leaves.

walkBrown fluffies.

I find it funny how some walks I start out thinking “I’m not gonna see ANYTHING worth taking a picture of” and suddenly I’ve burdened myself with an unholy amount of photos in a very short time.  I’m of the philosophy that you will never regret a picture you take but you will always regret the ones you did not.  Unless it is a super crappy picture of yourself.  Those, you will regret.

But you know what I mean.

walk mushroomI regretted this.  I try to be very careful to not disturb anything when I walk but I bumped into this poor mushroom and turned it completely over.  oops.

walk mushroomThese were safe.  Thank goodness!

walk stumpStump.

walk mossMoss belonging to the aforementioned stump.

walk fungiNot really sure what this is but it was awesome.

walk mushroomI love all the shades of brown.  Brown is one of my most favorite colors.

walk mushroomAnd this is one of my most favorite pictures I’ve taken to date.

Following this, the most tiny mushroom I’ve ever seen.  Isn’t it cute?!

walk mushroomThen I found this!

walk mushroomAnd as I was taking its photo I saw little tiny worm-like creatures popping up and waving about then popping back down again.

Now you seem them…..

walk mushroomNow you don’t!

walk mushroomHow freaky is that!?  I don’t know what those milky complected creepy little things are gonna turn into but for now I enjoyed their tiny, little side show.

walk mushroomWorm free mushroom with ruffles.

walk woodBonus question time!

What is the above picture of?  I’ll give you a hint.  The same mammal that was here also did this…..

walk rubIf you guessed Whitetail Deer bed and rub then you win!

What do you win you ask?  The pride and satisfaction of getting the correct answer.  ‘Cause I don’t have a door prize or anything.

walkPrehistoric looking pod.

walk pine coneA pine cone I’m quite certain doesn’t belong around here.  Most of the pine cones I see are short, fat and fluffy,  like me when I was 10.   This particular cone exhibits none of those qualities.

walk mushroomMama Mushroom and Baby.

walkA stark reminder that winter is almost here…….

Thanks for walking with me.

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to slow down and enjoy these days leading up to Christmas, they’ll be gone before you know it!


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