Rachel~Week Two

Rachel has rapidly gone from small, somewhat defenseless, calf to charging, milk-crazed manic.  I had the pleasure of caring for her almost exclusively this week.  My legs are bruised, my arms are sore and I ate dirt for breakfast Wednesday morning when, apparently, her bottle was insufficient.  I guess by running to and butting me as she would her 1,200 pound natural mother, she thought I’d produce more milk.  I spilled the last of my coffee instead.

Still, I am glad she is alive, well and very…..active.

I moved her from the cozy confines of the horse trailer to the calf pen on Friday where she spent her first night outside alone.  It bothered me WAY more than it bothered her.

Finally Rob got home and took over feeding duties.  This enabled me to snatch a few shots…..

rachel calf robShe KNOWS what that bottle means!  Three squares a day plus she has started nibbling on sweet feed.  🙂

rachel calf robShe takes the bottle with unfettered enthusiasm plus gets milk on her cute little face.

calf rachelcalf

And her tail twitches madly from side-to-side, making a little thumping noise against her tummy.


When she finally finishes, her protest in pursuit of more milk consists of looking sad and running up and down the fence.

You can hear the milk sloshing in her belly.


She gets plenty, don’t worry!

calfKids just always want more than they need!

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