Rachel….meet Sweet Feed


While the bottle is still Rachel’s first menu choice, sweet feed has finally caught her attention.  Note the little grain she is daintily holding in her lips here….rachelIts not much.  But its a start!

The other calves are happy to lead by example.

RACHELBut bring out the bottle and you have her full attention!


She won’t be a bottle baby forever so I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

I’m just glad there is only ONE baby on the bottle.


rachelShe still loves her friends……

rachelAnd she still loves sticking her tongue out at me.

rachelSilly baby.

2 thoughts on “Rachel….meet Sweet Feed

  1. I could not help but post a comment when I saw a calf and a bottle. I haven’t seen this in years. When I was very young (400 years ago!), while on the family farm, a mother was not able to feed her calves. This blew my mind. I did not know this was possible. Then I was given the amazing opportunity to bottle feed a calf. Such excitement…but even more so when it was two, yes TWO, that wobbled towards me! I was able to bottle feed twin calves. Amazing moment for a young animal loving girl on a farm. Oddly enough, as a young woman, I later was able to feed my own twins. I remember holding them both in the ‘football’ hold and distinctly laughing (out of sheer lack of sleep I am sure!) at the irony of that long ago moment. Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories. 🙂


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